IP protection rating in accordance with IEC 60529

Standardised protection against contact, foreign matter and water
The protection of an enclosure against penetration by foreign matter and water is identified by a letter-number combination. The resulting code defines standardised levels of protection, which are stated as a protection rating.


Explainations of IEC 61439

Explanations of terms, distribution of roles and definition of interfaces
The IEC 61439 series of standards deals with requirements for low-voltage switchgear assemblies and includes all the colloquial “distribution cabinets” from a domestic installation or industrial low-voltage main distribution systems to switching points in the public low-voltage grid.


Strategies against condensation

Special conditions call for special solutions
ELSTA Mosdorfer is one of the pioneers in the field of preventing or minimising condensate in distribution cabinets that stand outdoors to ensure the maximum possible operational reliability and functionality, even under persistently negative outside influences. Find out more!


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